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Use WordPress?

Get our free WordPress WhatsApp Chat Plugin.

So why is this so cool? Let's break it down:

1. It's Like Teleportation, but for Messages: Poof! Just like that, your customer's message is in your WhatsApp inbox. Say goodbye to pesky email delays and annoying contact forms. We're in the business of instant gratification, after all.

2. It's Personal, But Not in That Creepy Way: Give your customers the red carpet treatment with personalized responses. No more canned responses! Real-time assistance, real people, real connection.

3. More Clicks, More Action: Who knew a little green button could work such magic? By providing instant answers to those burning questions, you're only a click away from sealing the deal.

4. It's Hip to Be Mobile: In this mobile era, being mobile-friendly isn't just cool, it's a necessity. The WhatsApp Chat Button caters to the thumb-scrollers and on-the-go multitaskers alike.

5. Teamwork Made Easier: Turns out, the WhatsApp Chat Button isn't just a hit with customers. Your team can also bat around information like a game of ping pong, ensuring everyone's on the ball.

So, that's the lowdown on our latest sensation, the WhatsApp Chat Button. It's easy to install, lovable for customers, and sure to give your sales a standing ovation!

Turn your website into a customer's paradise and watch as they rave about their exceptional experience. So don't wait, add the WhatsApp Chat Button now and let the applause begin. And remember, what happens on WhatsApp, stays on WhatsApp.

Step 1

Create and Customize your chat button

Contact 1

Example: +1 541 754 3010

Contact 1

Example: getchatapp

Email 1

Profile 1

Example: lionelmessi__official__

Contact 1

Example: getchatapp

Profile 1

Example: getchatapp

Profile 1

Example: getchatapp

Contact 1

Example: facebook

Contact 1

Example: +27 123456789

Custom Link
Link 1


👋 Chat with me on WhatsApp!
Hey there!🙌

Get in touch with me by typing a message here. It will go straight to my phone!🔥

~Your Name
Get in touch on Messenger!
Typically replies within a day
Hi there!

Start chatting with us now!
Start Chat

Step 2

Optional Pro Features

Upgrade to Pro now!


(Allows you to add 1 Contact per platform)

Ensure mobile number is not indexed by Google

(Increases leads by 200%)
Remove '' link
👋   Click here to chat with us directly

Step 3

Add the code to your website

The code will be emailed to you immediately

Need help installing the code?

Read our instructions for installing the code on HTML, WordPress, Wix, and Shopify websites.

Improve Engagement

Most users prefer social messaging apps over email and other chat platforms.

Improve your lead funnel by adding social chat to your website today.

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